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chewzhiyan asked: "Hi, do you happen to seen source on twitter regarding Jiyoung's message to Nicole? She said I miss you to Nicole."

Sorry, I can’t understand what you are trying to ask ;;;;

Anonymous asked: "He picture that you posted of jiyoung in the red dress and black outfit, when was that taken? Was it recently or one of her old photoshoots"

ah, that’s from a recently photoshoot. It’s supposed to be an october calendar photoshoot (if i’m not wrong)

Anonymous asked: "Brand new baby fan of Jiyoung here ^^ Do you know if there is a Jiyoung version to Electric Boy in existince? I can find other member ver's but but not Jings. Thankyou"


xjilam asked: "Hi , do you know what's jiyoung's private account on instagram ?"

No, we dont!

jvnglo asked: "Hi there! I was wondering if you know what's Jiyoung doing right now? I mean is she away somewhere or is she acting? And she has a private instagram account?"

She was in England studying, but now  preparing to debut in japanese acting :D. We don’t know her private instagram account, sorry. And also sorry for the lateness.

Anonymous asked: "Do you know some Jiyoung's fansite that usually take picture of her airport fashion/event/stage? The fansite that has twitter acc? And other members too maybe. I found it hard to find them esp for Kara 😭"

Hoonjikding (jiyoung’s fansite, it closed down ;;), miraclehara (hara’s), gyuleestar (gyuri’s), aechak & eternal sunshine(Hammie’s) , Nicoleing (nicole’s).

Sorry for the lateness ;;;


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