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[!!!NEWS] Jiyoung’s acting supposedly to overlap with KARA’s upcoming promotions in Japan

Previously, speculations arose that former KARA member, Jiyoung, might be starting a solo acting career in Japan.  While her father previously commented, saying that nothing was certain, but she may want to go down that road after completing her education, reports are now resurfacing in relation to this possibility.

On July 18, Sports DongA revealed that Jiyoung will be taking her first steps as an actress in Japan starting this autumn according to an entertainment rep source.  This report also claimed that she signed a contract with a famous agency in Japan called Sweet Power and has already set her plans for next year, as well.

Coincidentally, her former group, KARA, hinted that they will be heading over to Japan in this autumn, as well, after releasing new music in October, so it seems likely that both Jiyoung and KARA’s promotions will overlap.  Maybe fans will get to see them together soon as it was revealed Jiyoung and KARA remained on close terms after her leave from the group.

Anonymous asked: "How many gifs of Jiyoung do you have?"

I don’t usually download gifs, but here you have some

chewzhiyan asked: "Mind sharing that kamilia's Facebook that post Jiyoung photos? :)"

of course, here you have.

purplesapphireeunie93 asked: "hello, do you know Jiyoung's private instagram account?"

No, sorry. I just take the photos from a kamilia facebook !!

[Jiyoung] Good Afternoon I’m going to eat lunch!
[Jiyoung] Good Afternoon I’m going to eat lunch!